In 1966, I acquired my first Aussie from Morton Colbert, a talented and colorful old cowboy, who owned the Sweet Water Roping Arena just north of Bonita, Calif. He had raised ‘Aussies’ since the 1920′s and used them to help with the rodeo stock. At the time, I was showing for Bob Bradley, Bonita Valley Farms, and my arab type pinto gelding Pancho up and down the west coast. Aussies had always been a fixture at all the events we attended. During the period right after WWII, when western riding and horse shows surged in popularity, this little ranch dog gained popularity with the horse people day by day.

Its been 49 years since that first little blue merle female. My early involvement with those great original type Aussies and with early ASCA, grew from unregistered ranch dogs to ASCA HALL OF FAME EXCELLENT KENNEL . I love a intelligent, devoted, working dog with natural stock ability. Through the years I have stuck with the tradational type Aussie. Their intelligence, beauty, soundness and the do-ability they possessed, as well as the genetic soundness, became more evident as the years passed and the breed gained in popularity. Having been involved with early foundation dogs of the breed, which were the basis for the early defination of breed type and then the drafting of the Breed Standard, approved in 1977 , I will continue to breed for the qualities that this early document portrayed in its original interpretation.

One of the original registering bodies for the Australian Shepherd was the International English Shepherd Registry (aka National Stock Dog Registry-NSDR) The Fairoaks kennel name was registered with them in 1969 and when the ASCA registry was opened in Aug. 1972  it was among the first registered kennel names in ASCA.

I love this new media. All those interested can now see my dogs since the beginning, my involvement in the breed and the accomplishments and titles they and their wonderful owners have earned. You will find more about our history and accomplishments on their allotted pages. Plus see pictures of alot of old style Aussies.

There is a lot to look at, so if you are inclined, grab a cup of coffee, sit down and get comfortable. Hope you enjoy ! Thank you for your interest in my passion. 

Fairoaks Australian Shepherds 
                        Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel
                         ​ OF THE AMERICAN WEST.

                                   Since 1966 !

 Int'l Ch. Fairoaks Aladar
Sandy Cornwell
10346 E. 2600 N. Rd.
Potomac,  Illinois 61865


Senior Breeder Judge

Ch. Chulo Rojo Of Fairoaks HOF ROMX!!!
 Red tri male 22 1/2"
OFA normal- eyes clear @14yrs.
Foundation sire and ideal of Fairoaks.
Born July 1973 to Sept 19, 1988


   No puppies at this time

Adults/Adolesents looking for placement.

​Two NEW Agility Champions !

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New Rally CH.

​ Fairoaks Alti​mate Sinner OTDs,c,d


Fairoaks Justified
  Born Mar 2011
 July 21, 1993 - Aug. 16, 2009


                                   ESTABLISHED MAY 1966​
 Fairoaks Isis AKC UD,  ASCA CDX
Owned and trained by Julie Arisco, Texas

WTCH Fairoaks Atoya CD 
Many times HIT
Owned by Wayne Kirby, Ronnie Bates and
trained by Susan Abrams now owned by Susan.
Fairoaks FirestarterCPE CX-ATCH 7,ASCA CDX, RNX, AX, AXJ, GS-E-SP, JS-E-SP, ChST, O-EAC, ECC, O-EJC, O-TG-E, O-WV-E, TN-E, PD1, PG1, PJ1, PS1, SG, SR, SS, SJ, AG, SAM, MAD
High In Trial National Specialty, ASCA Finals, 2010.
ASCA Nat Specialty  High Score Veteran Obedience, Greely, Colo, Oct. 2013
  Congratulations to Flint and his increditable owner and handler Nikki !
  Flint and  Nikki have won so many 1st and High In Trials I cant even count them all.   Flint qualified for AGILITY FINALS, OBEDIE​NCE FINALS AND RALLY FINALS the past three years !!! 

Congratulations to Nikki and FLINT  !!  2014
ASCA National Speciality is over !​
Flint is now ATCH 8 !  HIT and High combined at pre-show in Rally EX.​

​Flint's New Title
Rally CHAMPION​  -​HIGH​ Scoring Aussie HIGH IN TRIAL 
​ to finish !!!  
It is with a heavy heart that we report Flint's passing​. This increditable dog and his handler were again qualified for the National Specialty in Tennessee, in Oct 2015 I

Congratulations to Sue Stamp, Phoenix, Az. and Westwinds Sugar Angel !  Bred by  Shelby Tunnel out of straight Fairoaks breeding.
Sue is pictured here on her victory lap Congratulations !
Congratulations to ATCH Fairoaks HRH Chiquita Rivera and Melody Franklin  !
Southern Calif.
 Beautiful Chi !
 Aladar x Laska
Fairoaks Absolute Sinner OTDc.s.d​​​, JS-N, GS-N
         Int'l Ch Fairoak Tavarack  x Daisy O' Doodle​            Click HERE for Pedigree
 Cinner lives in Austria where trials happen about once or twice a year so she is doing very well to have got to Open. Plans to WTCH this Spring.
  Cinner is owned and loved by Nina Kramer in Austria !​ Nina provided me with these pictures.
They are all great showing Cinners versatility, beautiful type and movement.​

​​Form........ Follows ...............       FUNCTION
Fairoaks Tight Black Levis 

  ​​18 mths    Fairoaks Justified x
                  ​ Fairoaks Lyka Lilly​
Fairoaks Obsedian Jaguar owned by Lisa Mcdonald. Texas